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Survivor's Retreat

The Survivor's Retreat is a one-day program that hosts women affected by domestic violence.  Attendees experience healing through group activities, intimate discussions, and workshops led by trained professionals, and through guided meditation and reflection.

Notary Services:

To utilize our notary services, please contact us and request an appointment. Services are available at no charge to clients.  


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Purple Hygiene Bags:

We personally create baskets that include immediate need hygiene items, journals, motivational books, pens, and other items and then donate them to women's shelters (for domestic violence victims and their children) for the residents in the state of Georgia. Baskets are available upon request.



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Girls of Virtue Empowered

Program (G.O.V.E.S)


Through youth empowerment and confidence-building coaching program girls between ages, 6-15 will learn how to improve their confidence and self-esteem, self-love, improve their health and body-image, educate them on peer pressure & violence. We also focus on providing essentials that will assist them with gaining the tools essential for living happy, healthy and inspired lives.


*Workshops will be broken down into age appropriate groups.


ThriveHER Coaching and Mentoring


- 1 on 1 coaching or Mentoring

(Virtual (Skype), phone or in-person) 

Through our coaching sessions:

- We identify the obstacles you have in your recovery/healing process

- We develop realistic short and long-term goals for your recovery/healing process

- We develop and create a succession plan 

- We partner with you to achieve your goals and provide the tools (i.e. other resources outside of our programs and services, if needed)

-Assessment of your accomplishments after 6-8 sessions

-Celebrate your successes with you

Sessions are 45 minutes to an hour each week (length of time is determined on a case by case basis)




Annual Brunch & Fundraiser

Through this event, the organization hosts an annual brunch and fundraiser which includes a silent auction, the funds obtained are sown back into the organization's programs but also into other organization such as Partnerships Against Domestic Violence and SaltLight Center which were our 2017 recipients of financial support. 


Granting Holiday Wishes to Children Affected by Domestic Violence

Every year, millions of children witness abuse in their homes here in the United States.
This heartbreaking statistic inspired us to bring holiday cheer to homes impacted by domestic violence.

Holidays of Hope is our Annual gift drive to touch the hearts of families who are in need of holiday gifts. Our team of Helpers sponsors children under the age of 18 with necessary essentials or wish list items.

Since the inception of this program, our Holiday Helpers have sponsored over 100 children who have been impacted by abuse.  Through this program, we strive to continue sharing the feeling of love and support during the holiday season.

If your company, organization or friends would like to sponsor a family please contact us at

During November, families will be able to apply for assistance with their Christmas dinner from the web site. 

 ThriveHer- "From Surviving to Thriving” Workshop
Women of Virtue Transitional Foundation hosts a “ThriveHer From Surviving to Thriving” workshops that involve conversations with women from all walks of life but more specifically women who have been directly or indirectly affected by abuse. We will be talking about empowerment, growth, the mental ramifications of abuse (verbal, physical, financial, etc.) and healthy ways to move above and beyond it. 

Contact Us:

Women of Virtue Transitional Foundation

Lawrenceville, GA & Milton, FL

Phone: (470) 326- 0961

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